The project is located on the first floor of the natatorium of Nanshan Sports and Sports Center, formerly known as the cafe. The client wanted to expand it into a coffee, craft wine, simple meals and book bar, and commissioned us to redesign the entire business environment.

We expanded the scope of the bar to nearly half the depth and built it as a key area. The function of the bar should be upgraded accordingly. The functions of bartending, coffee making, meal preparation and platform raising will be integrated here. The design elements of metal, concrete and wood grids are used to inject a detailed modern quality into the industrial style of organization, making it the most noticeable part of the overall space.

We arranged several functional zones around the bar. A whole wooden bookshelf was built on the left wall, and a wine cabinet for display was arranged on the right wall. In terms of seating, round tables, square tables and tall tables were divided into different areas. The bar in the center serves as a perfect connection. After customers step into the space, they can choose the area they like according to their hobbies.









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